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Top 10 Companies To Blame For America’s Gigantic Trade Deficit

From the latest Rail Time Indicators report, a look at some big time importers (as measured by container volumes).

The chart below show the top 10 U.S. container (importers) in 2010 according to The Journal of Commerce. Note that “big box” retailers dominate the import side, holding the top five spots (as well as many other spots in the top 100). Reportedly, something like 85% of U.S. households buy bananas. That’s a lot of bananas, which helps explain why Dole and Chiquita are often among the top 10 U.S. container importers. (Their imports aren’t just bananas, but a lot of them are.) Electronics and appliances are also big business for U.S. container imports.


Incredible Bar Tab


I don’t know if this is legit (a tab this epic getting closed out before midnight?), but if it is you just kind of have to look at it in awe.

The “vueve le” is Veuve Clicquot, an expensive French champagne. Retail on a 15 liter bottle of that is $2k, so that’s some nice markup.

I love that someone orders $100k of alcohol and they won’t comp the waters (or the Heineken/Red Bull/Bud Light for that matter).

$30k tip! How would you like to be that waiter?