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Thomas W the walmart computer technician .

How do I get rid of this annoying pop-up?

Every time I start up my (PC) computer, this “RebateInformer” window opens. It looks like this: I’ve already uninstalled the program using the “Add or Remove Programs” utility in the control panel. When I did that it told me not all of the program’s features were deleted and that they could be removed manually. How do I get rid of this thing?

start button>>programs>>startup

remove stuff related to it if it exists there!!! 

run “msconfig” (without quotes)
goto startup tab, uncheck boxes related to the app!

It worked, but I downloaded it again somehow . What did i do wrong ?
Wow. Try reading your download/install before clicking the yes button. What good is a alarm on your house if you let the thief in ?Delete

Thomas W

By the way, for anyone who doesn’t know, in order to “run” something you must go to the start menu and click run. It’s usually at the bottom of the left column next to an icon of a zooming window.Report Abuse

Really ? Run? WOW!!! Just throw your computer off a bridge and do us all a favor .

Thomas W

Yes Really ! I didn’t know where run was . The computer didn’t come with instructions and Walmart didn’t have any spares .