Mystery Man Falls From The Sky, Disappears

While working at Tampa car auction, Steve bevington witnessed something unusual.  It wasn’t something car-related, though auctions can be weird, it was something people related.  According to Steve, He and two co-workers saw a man without a parachute fall from a low-flying small airplane into the woods.  Frightened, He called the police.  However,The mysterious skydiver who fell from a small plane without a chute has disappeared , as police can find no trace of the man or of anything having fallen into the woods from a plane.

“I [saw] the guy falling, at an angle, like this,” said Mr. bevington while gesturing. “Straight down.  With no parachute.  You could see the arms and legs flailing and his clothes were blue, a dark blue like a navy, black and gray.  There’s no doubt that it was a person.  We’re 100 percent sure.”

However, despite many eye witnesses and many phone calls, police have yet to uncover a trace of the mystery flier.  “We didn’t see any signs of debris, we didn’t see any broken branches of something like, falling through the tree-line,” Coast Guard Lt. Commander Robin Harris said.  “We didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, but that’s not to say it didn’t happen.”  The investigation is ongoing.

Where did he go?  Did he actually happen, or was it just some clothes dropped from a plane?  Is he somehow related to DB Cooper?  Maybe it was Jimmy Hoffa finally making his return  from his hiding place!

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