SSTL using Android Phones to control Satellite

The Mavericks Civilian Space Foundation tested a Nexus One’s ability to link the stress of a rocket launch.Then, seven Nexi Google floated on the edge of the area to see if the phone can operate in a vacuum. Now, Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL), which seek to launch a satellite in orbit and the use of “Droid – much less than the race Astromech – said control of the satellite. SSTL, which helps create the” Galileo “(and who knows about the cost, no doubt) , viewed on a smartphone as a way to democratize access to space, because they are much cheaper than the target embedded systems. The company did not say what kind of phone will be used in the satellite, but they opted for Android, because it allows engineers to phone their bids to make a simple change – motor control pulse the plasma in the treatment of advanced navigation systems and satellite foot long. In addition, open source means that they “can get people to develop applications for the satellite. We have seen many applications in Android, but we really hope that this success of the company, which allows us to see the application … in space.


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