Nintendo 3DS launches on March 27th for $249

The Japanese company has been defining the modalities for launching its small console screen 3D (without glasses) at a press conference. It will cost about $249.99 and will be available in black or blue. The award, which has not been officially notified by Nintendo, is already on the sites of some retailers like Amazon.
Over thirty games will be available during the launch phase, before the beginning of June. The manufacturer suggests and Nintendogs + catsPilotwings ResortSteel Diver Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (underwater adventure) or Tea, Star Fox 64 3D … Other titles are in preparation: Super Street Fighter IV 3DThe Sims 3Pro Evolution Soccer , etc..
Nintendo had already given an overview of the 3DS capabilities since June 2010. He detailed some functions today as StreetPass. With this wireless system, two consoles can discreetly share information when their owners will cross the street. They can communicate their Mii characters, their scores to beat, maps related to gambling, or data associated with characters. The communication may be established even if the consoles are idle. Rest assured, Nintendo has provided the ability to disable StreetPass!

Gyro sensor triple video circle pad

SpotPass will connect to some access points Wi-Fi compatible public (even if the console is in standby) to automatically receive updates, free software, and content from publishers such as Nintendo with which Eurosport entered into a partnership. A small notification LED signal the arrival of new data. Japanese plans to expand agreements with operators of hot spots Wi-Fi connectivity to allow Europe with its console. The device will also work from the point of Wi-Fi personal users.


Size (closed bracket): 13.5 x7, 4×2, 3 cm (width x length x thickness)

Weight : about 226 grams

Upper Screen : 3.53 inch (9 cm), allowing a 3D display without using glasses. Resolution 800×240 pixels.

Touch Screen : 3.02 inch (7.7 cm) LCD with a resolution of 320 x 240 with tactile recognition.

Cameras : A camera and two internal external cameras with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels (0.3 mega).

Wireless : 802.11 (WPA/WPA2)

Game controls : touch screen, microphone, button front A / B / X / Y + Control Pad, the side buttons L / R, Start and Select buttons, the “Slide Pad enabling analog control on 360 degrees, a camera internal, two external cameras, a motion sensor and a gyroscope.

Input / Output : A port accepts cards Nintendo 3DS and maps for consoles, the Nintendo DS, a port for SD memory cards and a power port for AC adapter and a cargo terminal and an output jack for headphones stereo.Sound : The stereo speakers are located to the left and right of the top screen.Parental Controls : Parental controls similar to the Nintendo DS are included.

The 3DS is supplied with a charging station, a telescoping stylus, an SD card 2GB, six maps of augmented reality, a power supply.

For the rest, Nintendo recalled the main features of 3DS (1). Besides the dual-screen 3D display, the console will have a new “circle pad” offering a gaming control to 360 degrees, a motion detector (with gyro) sensitive to displacements and slopes, three camera lenses, especially to render 3D images with two external sensors …
Which imposes a range, but will probably not too much to regain control of the iPod touch and iPhone have become references for many gamers.

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