Traveler Arrested For Pooping himself On Delta Flight .



—>Is there a worse place to have sudden diarrhea than on an airplane? Well, yes, and that would be on a water slide, but let’s stay with the airplane for a bit. Joao Correa was on a Delta Airlines flight from Honduras to Atlanta last week when something bad happened down below, and he had to immediately use the bathroom. Unfortunately, there was a drink cart blocking his way and the flight attendants wouldn’t let him by.

What’s worse, TSA regulations Delta won’t allow you to use the bathroom in a different section of the plane, so Correa was forbidden from going to the business class bathroom.

When the cart wasn’t moved after a few minutes, Correa said, he ran for the business class lavatory. He said the flight attendant put up her arm to block him, and he grabbed it to keep his balance.

A Delta flight attendant said Correa grabbed her right arm, pulled it down and twisted it, according to authorities.

When the plane landed, Correa was arrested and spent two days in jail.

We’re not sure what alternative Delta and the TSA left Correa. Had he followed their instructions, Delta would have had an entire flight full of angry, complaining, and sickened passengers, along with quite likely a lawsuit from the man they forced to shit himself because they were too busy passing out drinks. Instead, Delta loses nothing, the TSA continues to say this is in everyone’s best interest, and Joao Correa is charged with a felony because he had diarrhea on an airplane.


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