Shooting At Washington Walmart .Two deputies shot.

Two people are dead, including the gunman after a shooting incident Sunday at a Walmart in Kitsap County, Wash.  A young woman who died is believed to have known the gunman.

Two male deputies, who were also shot, were taken to Tacoma General Hospital were listed in serious condition but their injuries were not life-threatening.

A third deputy, a female, shot and killed the gunman, police told The Seattle Times. The female deputy was not injured.

The Walmart is located at 3497 Bethel Road SE. in Kitsap County, Wash. Police closed all roads near the store.  A Walmart spokesperson said about 100 customers were locked inside the store after the shootings.

Kitsap County Sheriff Steve Boyer says the two deputies were taken to a Tacoma hospital. He says the incident in Port Orchard began at about 3:45 p.m.

“I heard one shot, which I thought was a car backfiring, and then several more reported back, which I knew to be gunfire,” witness Victor Meyers said.

Another witness said that people began screaming when they realized there was a shooting in front of the store.

“A lot of us ran toward the back of the store and the people that were back there didn’t even know what was going on.

“We don’t think she was just a store patron unrelated to the incident. We believe she (the dead woman) was associated with the suspect, but we have not been able establish the relationship yet,” spokesman Scott Wilson told local newspaper the Sky Valley Chronicle.


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