Horoscope Change 2011


Latest news update about;Horoscope Change 2011 As I checked my Facebook page earlier tonight, I saw several people who were extremely upset over the Ophiuchus horoscope and the new Zodiac signs 2011. While some people brush off astrology as a bunch of garbage, there are many people who rely on the signs of the Zodiac and their horoscopes for guidance in their daily lives. One Facebook commenter asked if the Ophiuchus horoscope change was real or some sort of hoax. Is there a possibility that this is just one more Internet hoax gone viral?With so many online hoaxes going on these days about celebrity deaths, and other Internet scams, it really isn’t a huge surprise that some will draw the conclusion that Ophiuchus is a hoax.As far as I can tell, the Ophiuchus Zodiac change is real, and Ophiuchus has actually been a constellation for a very long time.Horoscope Change 2011


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