Black ops tips and strategies for online gameplay, and zombies.

Call of Duty: Black Ops
Published by Domesticfix on November 14, 2010

Black ops tips and strategies for online game-play, and zombies.

Call of duty black ops is a great game, it has everything that modern warfare 2 has except new maps and it has zombies. The multiplayer online is magnificent, it is the best online multiplayer experience i have had. So far.

The best guns in my opinion so far, is the mp5 with a silencer, and the Hk12 with a red dot sight. Trust me these are the best guns in the game. Everyone else i play with could agree.

As for Nazi zombies. The maps are somewhat similar to world at war maps, for example they both take place in world war2. But as for the differences there are modern guns in the maps. And there is a way to unlock new type of Nazi zombies. When you are in the min screen thing, you press lt+rt twice, then your character should stand up, you go over to the computer and hold x. Then you should see a keyboard, type in DOA, and you will unlock a thing called dead ops. It is basically third person zombies


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